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    Here at Eveque we offer specialist safety pads that can be set up in a number of places for indoor and outdoor use. Safety matting is usually installed for high jump areas, pole vaults, MMA, metal posts, climbing centres as well as for clubs that have kegs. Soft safety mats can be used for various purposes, it may be to avoid accidents but they could also stop equipment and surfacing becoming broken. The pads have PVC covers, this enables them to be wiped clean very easily and they have spongy inserts to deliver shock absorbing quality and comfort.

    Padding will come in various colour choices and specifications, for the reason that a few facilities require a thicker degree of safety qualities. If you have other features, matting can be made custom for your facility to accomodate these. Safety matting which can be used in athletic facilities will normally have spike resistant covers to avoid destruction. Big padding generally contains handles so they can http://evequeleisure.blogspot.com/ be carried, Velcro so they can be fitted with other exercise mats and floors, and hooks so they can be effectively stored. We acknowledge the importance of safety at Eveque, and as a result of this we ensure that our products are of the safest possible standard.

    High jump fan areas will need quality landing mats for the athletes. With respect to the type of performance levels of those using the padding, this will likely change the specification. Schools usually have safety matting specifications of 4.88m x 2.44m x 0.56m (16' x 8' x 20''). Sports centres usually have 5m x 2.5m x 0.56m matting. 5m x 3m x 0.60m sized safety matting is chosen for International 1. International Two usually have 5m x 3.2m x 0.70m landing mats. 6m x 4m x 0.70m is commonly used for high jump arenas and high standard tournaments. Grand Prix standard use 7m x 4m x 0.70m safety mats specification.

    Pole vault facilities use professional safety pads to provide a safe surface for athletes to land their vault. There are different safety matting sizes for the required area. Professional centres usually have safety matting with sizes of 6.3m x 5m x 0.8m. For international https://evequeleisure.wordpress.com/ stage pole vault facilities, 8m x 5m x 0.8m safety matting is commonly used. Pole vaulting stadiums frequently use 8m x 6m x 0.80m safety matting. At Grand Prix quality pole vault facilities, the safety landing mats will usually be 8m x 6.5m x 0.85m in dimensions.

    Usually climbing walls are 4.5 m in height and demand 300 millimeters cushioning to fulfill BMC criteria. With regard to wall structures of just 2.5m size, health and safety matting of 200 millimeter depth can be employed. Some scaling wall facilities choose have carpeting protection mats as opposed to the PVC covered ones. A few MMA establishments practice in karate, judo and martial arts http://evequeleisure.tumblr.com/ combating. Mma tend to be practising many different sports, if they were missing padding it may result in people getting injured. Protective safety matting for dojos and Martial arts rooms are comparable to control and restraint rooms. By using protection matting over these locations, the users will be protected from really serious injuries.

    Numerous college sports activities organisations have got post matting mounted to fences and other columns. If children are moving around and playing, they can run into these posts or fence posts so safety matting can be mounted to prevent injuries. Multi use games areas often have post safeguard protectors in exterior clubs. Netting and goal posts may be padded to prevent accidents. Cask drop mats could be supplied for bars, night clubs and restaurants to help make transport of kegs into cellars Safety matting isn't going http://evequeleisure.weebly.com/ to just guard the flooring, it guards the kegs at the same time. These are shock proof padding, to ensure the kegs would not bounce. Numerous layers of foam inserts are needed for keg pads. For more information regarding any of our products, please feel free to take a look at our site.